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This is a page where you can trade and sell for our stuff!

My Wishlist!!!!!!

My main wishlist

(You can click on it to zoom in 🙂

There are also some other things I want:

Movie Star Hair, The Old Zen House, most FGC(Fantage Game Card), and BETA!

If you have any of those PLEASE tell me! I REALLY want all of them(that is y they r up). If you have any other “good” items just comment 🙂

My inventory xD…changes a lot I’ll try to update 🙂


Comments on: "FOR SALE!!!!" (82)

  1. OuO can I have Winter Green or Bombshell for anything on here?http://fantagecookietown.wordpress.com/trade-and-sell/

  2. I hav delicate. Do u still hav the the archers bow n arrow? If u still hav the now n arrow ill trade u delicate for it. ~jade

  3. I have zen house.

  4. If you want any of these just email me at FantageFreak666@gmail.com

    Bright Pink Hair
    Valentines Bear Board

    Bunny nose
    The other arrow
    Candy Cane Bow
    Small Tiara
    Premium Member Items (I can’t wear them)

    I really want Chloe Hair, Pink Headband Hair, Piano Board (Black and White and other one), Cool Cat Hair, Leprechuan Hat, Orange or Blue glasses, and Pirate Hook.

    Note: Please don’t offer any rares or costumes. I have most of them.

    Also, I have Zen house I think. Is it like that house where its uhh… chinese..? Mine is coined.

  5. Are you willing to give me bombshell for 1,000 ecoins or Limited valentines day hair?
    Or go to my blog and look at my trade n sell list… 🙂

  6. I have Zen House! Coined Xd ( Because I’m a non )
    I want lipstick board or anything up there except the music note board. I just don’t like that board even though I love music -__-

  7. musicdancesing said:

    I want bombshell? is it coined? I only accept coined sorry! if it is coined I will buy for 10,000 to 20,000 ecoins I don’t have enough right now, so if u do accept, u will have to waiittttttttttttttttttttt ahhhgh I so busy with ecoinsssssssssssssssssss helpppppppppp

  8. Jessica Le said:

    hmm would you like dance fever board? Its silver with the flashing arrows. My wishlist is Sweet Summer hair or St Pats Hair. Just found out about this blog 😀

  9. !
    I’ll give FRISKY AND GREEN CELEB CROWN for basketball hair. I’m miasparkle101. I’m on your buddy list…

  10. If that’s not enough, I’ll add PROM HAIR.

  11. Jessica Le said:

    Yay! I gtg but tell me what u want for it. And is it coin or star? 🙂 it was awesome meeting you

  12. Do you mind joining this and saying I invited you?: http://myartcity.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/hi-owo/

  13. dazie, what do u want for the sleigh board?

  14. Want blonde bb for black beta crown or star pin all starred or koin cc?

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