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★The Authors★

HEY! I’m daizie11219 on Fantage! I’m level 151 and I LOVE cupcakes A LOT!!!! I really love all my friends on Fantage and not on Fantage! I’m in 7th grade and I play the flute, handbells, piano, a LITTLE violin, and the recorder(lol). I love math and my bff on real life is Jenny(other ppl too:)! On Fantage my bff is jrf and sarah! My new fave movie is MULAN! is has the best songs EVER! in my opinion xD…WELL THATS IT HOPE U LOVE MY BLOG!!!


Heyyy, its me Robin 🙂 I am a cali gurl, and known as robin69 on fantage. My likes? A lot. On the internet I like chatting, watching youtube, and playing fantage. I also blog, as you know 😛 I really like Music, and I am a dancer as well. My favorite books are Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus and Naruto. I enjoy watching movies, some of my favorites are Avengers and Mission Impossible. I love basketball and badminton. I’m close to level 600 on fantage! I have been a member since summer of 2010, and was a premium member for two times. Once in 2011, and i got my membership back late last year.

Comments on: "★The Authors★" (22)

  1. I give up updating my level… lol
    love ya! ~daizie

  2. can you put me up there? and i can put somethin about myself?

  3. thanks 🙂 (im the co-owner i think) xP

  4. I’m not a co-owner. I’m just an author….

  5. Daizieee can I be up there as well???

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