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Here is a tip to get at least 100 stars at most 2000! here it is!
  1. Go into the Fantage school
  2. Create a classroom 5 times
  3. You get 10 stickers for each time(max 50)
  4. On a sticker day(Tuesdays and Saturdays) at Lucky Bobs sell ALL
  5. You have LOTS of stars!

I’ll add pictures on the next sticker day!

How to get into Doctor Finklesteins layer!

First go to the light house


Now, look at the wooden posts on the dock there are shapes on them. Click each shape, remember there is a certain order to this, it changes every time. The shapes should light up.


Now scroll to the right you will see this “pothole”, it is similar to the mission center entrancelight3.

Click what I circled in yellow, just like the mission center a elevator will come up.


Click in it to go down.


Now you are in Doctor Finklesteins layer!


There is a movie you can watch, click where the box pops up in the picture below.


There you go! Now you can get into Doctor Finklesteins layer!

But wait! If you go on the Dutch user, on the bag that says poison, it says GIFT! Why? What do you think?

dutch light

And it’s in ENGLISH! Hmmm I wonder what they are up to…

“Retired” house trick!


Comments on: "♫Tricks♫" (5)

  1. I love this trick! I got 20,000 stars from this! It really works!
    love ya! ~daizie

  2. i hate u it wont work and wht is it for it doesnot give ecoins lier

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